Zoe O’Connell was born in Essex and grew up in Burnham-on-Crouch, attending first St.Mary's CoE Primary School...
Nationally, Liberal Democrats are clear on the need for more funding for the NHS – and that’s something that elected LibDem councillors have been acting on locally.
Zoe is opposed to Brexit, and proud to be a member of the only party that has consistently championed Britain’s membership of the European Union

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5p per litre fuel price jump hits rural communities on the Dengie Peninsula hardest

The drop in value of sterling since the EU referendum is responsible for 5p of the recent increase in the cost per litre of petrol and diesel. This rise will hit the pockets of people living in rural communities, such as on the Dengie Peninsula, particularly hard.

Lib Dems penny for NHS would raise £189m extra for Essex

Liberal Democrats have announced they would plug funding gaps for the NHS & social care by putting 1p on income tax, raising an additional £189m for Essex.

Lib Dems to give £770 boost to 21,610 pensioners in Maldon

21,610 pensioners living in Maldon will receive at least an extra £772 per year under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans to protect the 'triple lock'.

Zoe is a former member of the Army Reserve. In this 2011 piece, originally published in the Huffington Post, she discusses the impact of previous misguided Labour cuts on the forces.
A number of people have contacted us asking about homelessness. If elected, Zoe would support setting up a Housing First provider in every local authority.